XRF In Use: Case Study of Real World Process Control

An industry leading food and beverage company with multiple production facilities and a global client base through various distribution channels (including restaurants, grocery stores, etc).

The client has various in-process technologies to discover any foreign materials that may appear, including on-line metal detectors.  After discovery of metal contaminants, the client needs to have the materials identified so that they can confirm where the materials entered the production chain and resolve any issues.  Before working with Eastern Applied, the client was using a third party contractor to identify any metal contaminants that were found.  This was a slow, outsourced, resolution that inhibited them from identifying the source of contamination and extended production line shut-downs.

By investing in x-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometers for their in-house process control laboratories, the client is able to perform immediate analysis of found metal materials.  The real-time results of XRF spectrometers allows the client to quickly determine the source/location of possible contamination by cross referencing results with a database of metal grades found through their production line.

The client chose to add Handheld XRF analyzers, the Hitachi XMet8000 analyzer, to multiple plants throughout the United States.  This gives them the ability to use the bench-top stand in the laboratory setting for identifying found materials.  However, the handheld model also provides the portability to review various points throughout their production lines in order to create/confirm their database of metal grades as well as the ability to test at their suppliers sites if needed.

Client was able to eliminate costs and delays in shipping material out for third party testing while gaining the ability to quickly identify the source of the problem and take almost immediate action to resolve the issue.  These short term benefits will result in a long-term ROI on the Handheld XRF analyzers purchased for multiple facilities.

Contact Eastern Applied if you have a story on the benefits x-ray fluorescence offered your organization – or, if you think XRF can help improve your processes.

Handheld XRF in Testing Stand

XMet8000 in Testing Stand      

Handheld XRF by Hitachi

Hitachi XMet8000









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