Proper Disposal of X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Spectrometers

Any number of reasons can result in having an un-used XRF analyzer that ends up collecting dust or acting like a large paperweight – you may find yourself with an XRF that requires expensive repairs and you simply replaced the analyzer, don’t have the testing requirements to have a system moving forward, or already have multiple systems and want to take one out of operation.

If your facility has an XRF that has been shelved, for any reason, then it may make more sense to properly dispose of the analyzer.

Did you realize that even non-working, or decommissioned, x-ray fluorescence analyzers should still be registered with the state?  This is one reason to dispose of a shelved XRF…because state regulations of XRF analyzers typically require annual fees (in addition to paperwork) if a system is on-site – working or not.  So…that ‘out of service’ XRF may be costing your organization money.

In addition to state requirements relating to x-ray tubes of any age, many older tubes will be wrapped in lead, contain oils that need proper disposal, and have Beryllium based windows.  These last points (Beryllium, oil, etc) relate to another reason XRF analyzers should be properly disposed of.  Detector tubes and circuit boards in all xray fluorescence analyzers will contain hazardous materials.

We have noticed that owners of older portable XRF‘s tend to keep them around after they aren’t in use because they don’t take up as much room as a desktop or free standing x-ray unit.  However, the regulations and hazards are the same with portable or desktop analyzers – portable XRF’s have the added concern of theft too…and your company name is linked to the analyzer and its components.

XRay Fluorescence is Out of Service

Time to Dispose of an Out of Service XRF

Proper disposal of an ED-XRF spectrometer can be a very simple process.  Organizations like Eastern Applied Research can remove the analyzer and provide appropriate documentation to meet your reporting requirements.

If you find yourself in a position where you have an un-used XRF, then contact Eastern Applied to discuss your situation (will you be using it in the future, etc) and options to properly store or dispose of the XRF.

One important note: Eastern Applied Research works with x-ray tube based fluorescence analyzers, not isotope based.  We will, however, try and help direct you to organizations that will help in disposal of isotope based analyzers.

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