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XRF Feature Focus: Wide View Observation

This entry is the first of several that will highlight unique and beneficial features available in Hitachi x-ray fluorescence spectrometers, of which Eastern Applied Research is a North American distributor.  The Hitachi analyzer line was previously known as Seiko XRF and continues the tradition of offering innovative features that make their XRF analyzers easy to use, highly efficient, and very popular.

The first feature focus showcases the Hitachi FT-110A XRF analyzers Wide View Observation function.  The FT-110A was developed for coating thickness quality control applications, and the Wide View Observation can increase throughput while reducing operator mistakes in identifying measurement spots.  Additionally, it is an excellent feature to use when developing automated programs for samples that will be tested on a regular basis.  Simply put, it is an option that increases efficiency.

XRF Spectrometer with Two CamerasAn FT-110A analyzer with Wide View Observation uses images from two different cameras.  The operator sees the large sample in one image and can then quickly identify smaller areas within it that must be measured.  This selected area shows up in the second camera image.

The first image (wide view) can be a maximum of 9.84″ x 7.87″ and is seen in less than 20 seconds.  The second image (narrow view) is the spot that the actual measurement is taken and is seen after an operator selects it from within the wide view image.  While the position accuracy is +/- 2mm, an operator can pinpoint the measurement spot on the narrow view, which is 0.27″ x 0.20″.

The most obvious application of this feature is in testing populated circuit boards because quality control likely requires measurements of several small spots on each board.  An operator can quickly see the entire circuit board and then identify the very small areas that require analysis.  However, the benefit can certainly reach beyond board manufacturers as anybody testing small sample areas within a larger item can see increased throughput by using the Wide View Observation on the Hitachi FT-110A.

XRF Camera Images and Summary


The following video provides a brief look at the Hitachi FT110A Wide View Observation in action.  Contact Eastern Applied if this feature may be a benefit in your quality control processes and we can coordinate an on-site demonstration or answer questions.

Hitachi XRF Wide View Observation Demo on YouTube