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Used XRF for Sale? Consider the Source and the System

source: accenture digital

source: accenture digital

The internet has changed how people research and purchase everything…from books to furniture to cars and pretty much anything else a person would want.  This world wide access extends beyond personal purchases though – as most organizations interested in capital equipment purchases will, at the very least, research options online.  This certainly includes the investment into x-ray fluorescence analyzers, both new and used.

This access to equipment sellers provides a number of positive benefits to buyers…more choices, analyzer and application information, etc.  However, researching XRF information on-line is one thing while actually purchasing through an internet only source is another.  Buyers that aren’t careful may quickly realize the negatives of sourcing strictly through the internet – this is especially true for organizations looking for used x-ray fluorescence options.

Budget is critical to all organizations but buyers of used XRF are, for any number of reasons, looking for the lowest cost way to add x-ray capabilities.  The goal of limiting expenses can sometimes lead a buyer to justify a purchase from sources that they wouldn’t normally pursue and has helped drive the market for used analyzers from questionable sellers, both on and off line sources.  The potential downside is that the low cost option may require additional funds to be operational.

Problems That Result in a “Bad Buy”
As a service provider for all models of x-ray fluorescence, Eastern Applied Research receives calls from companies that purchased used XRF from on-line sources (or questionable off line sellers).  The calls come after the analyzer has been delivered but immediate support issues or performance problems occur…examples being units simply without an operation manual or with immediate component failures and/or computer issues.

Specific to computers, our technicians have seen numerous situations where used XRF analyzers are purchased with incomplete computers – or no computers at all.  It is important to verify that you will be receiving a complete system because many XRF systems have special boards in the computer to control the XRF.  Depending on the age of the unit, these cards could cost more than the machine that was just purchased!  Additionally, XRF analyzers may have dongles, licenses that expire, etc that can limit the proper implementation of the system if not included.

It’s an unfortunate conversation for the Eastern Applied technical staff when they must advise on additional costs to get a used XRF purchase from another source operational.  Those additional costs could have been put towards a used x-ray system from a reputable source and avoided delays, headaches, and unplanned expenses.

used sales imageResearch the Seller and the System:
Taking the time to research the seller as well as the system can help avoid negative investments.  On the rare occasion that Eastern Applied is not able to provide clients with a used XRF to meet their needs, our associates can always help confirm the legitimacy of a seller and system…even reviewing analyzers prior to you moving forward with the final investment – so, contact Eastern Applied with any questions about used x-ray fluorescence systems.

Questions to ask Used XRF Sales Contacts:
– Can you refer me to two or three past buyers you worked with?
– What is your organizations experience with x-ray fluorescence?
– What year is the analyzer and its major components?
– Is the computer and all related items included (detailed above)?
– What support do you provide after delivery?
– Also, ask for organization information (credit references, BBB rating, etc)

Raise the red flag on the seller if:
– No phone contact with the seller
– No facility for service of x-ray fluorescence equipment
– Sellers that aren’t actively involved in XRF sales and/or support
– “Too good to be true” offers, ie units quoted for what a component costs
– Sellers that can’t provide a history of components and/or analyzer
– Non-verified sellers that ask for money in advance