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Presentation Introducing the Micro-XRF Analyzer, Hitachi FT150

Hitachi Micro XRF OverviewOne of the analyzers from the Hitachi High-Tech x-ray fluorescence line that associates of Eastern Applied are very excited about is the Micro-XRF, Hitachi FT150.  Micro-XRF is generally considered any ED-XRF analyzer built to analyze material or measure thicknesses in micro-spot sample areas…and micro-spot is considered any measurement area under 100um.

Below is a brief introduction presentation to the Hitachi FT-150 that highlights the component factors that allow the system to excel at micro-spot analysis and ultra thin film measurements.  Those highlighted components include the Poly-Capillary Optics, which is critical for measuring micro-spots.  This optics system works like a convex lens focusing x-rays through thousands of glass tubes and the Hitachi FT150 is able to measure to a FWHM area of 17um because of it.  The second critical component in the analyzer is the Vortex detector technology, which offers a higher count rate and greater resolution than many other detector options and allows the system to offer faster measurement speeds while maintaining, often improving, precision.

A few additional features that make the Hitachi FT150 easy to use are highlighted and the presentation offers an overview of common applications solved by the Hitachi FT150 while noting examples of the improved performance over its popular predecessor, the Seiko SFT-9500.

We close the presentation with the critical specifications of the Hitachi FT150 which includes detailing the three different chambers.  These configurations vary in chamber size, x-ray tube target and energy levels.

Please review and contact Eastern Applied Research to discuss your micro-spot and
ultra thin film measurement needs or to submit samples for review on the FT150.