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Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

XRF Analyzer Price Blog QuoteThis idea was recently presented to associates of Eastern Applied Research…Price is what you pay, Value is what you get.  It is a simple idea that can be applied to many different items and it certainly holds true to every aspect of what Eastern Applied does with x-ray fluorescence.  It is our hope that any current client of Eastern Applied sees the value that we offer in service, standards, and sales of x-ray fluorescence analyzers.

Price vs Value in XRF Sales
In most competitive industries,  some organizations will offer lesser quality goods at lower prices while others develop high quality goods with great value.  This is true in XRF sales and, because of Eastern Applied’s goal to offer great value, it is a primary reason for our recent alignment with Hitachi High-Tech and their line of x-ray fluorescence analyzers

Not only does the entire Hitachi XRF spectrometer line provide great value to its users, value that is present in both the short and long term, it also offers competitive pricing when compared to analyzers on par with the lines performance and features.

Lower Pricing?
As a buyer, most of us would certainly consider a lower price or significant price reduction…but there is often a give and a take.  One has to wonder why the sales organization is not able to promote the analyzers features, performance, or long-term reliability.  Is it because the lower cost XRF does not provide any of this?  Or, do they have extended delivery times and poor after installation support?  Perhaps a combination of it all.

In recent years, some new XRF analyzers to market have been stripped down systems with limited flexibility or functions and sold on price alone.  Other XRF manufacturers offer reduced pricing to attempt and gain market share because their systems are out of date in both design and software function.

Lower prices are great but, in our experience with XRF, users typically pay in the long term with service calls, poor performance, cumbersome software, etc.  Realizing that budget may play a major role in a decision, buyers should not be afraid to consider used XRF analyzers that have a strong track record…one associate summed this idea up when he said that he’d rather buy a 10-yr old Chevy than a new Yugo!

Great Value
In addition to Hitachi XRF analyzers, the market really only has one or two other manufacturers that provide great value to their users.  While a slightly larger initial investment is required, these systems can provide a combination of high reliability, great features, and worry free operation.

When buyers are comparing these ‘industry standard’ systems, they need to consider ideas like ease of use, reporting functions, flexibility of application, and available features along with accuracy, performance, and after install support.

Eastern Applied has no problem bringing these topics up because the Hitachi XRF line is extremely competitive against the performance and features of all other XRF analyzers.  A great example is the auto-focus function of the Hitachi FT-110A…it’s speed and accuracy of focus are truly second to none (call for a demonstration).

Talk about price, talk about value.
Associates from Eastern Applied Research have experience with a number of analyzers and can speak to the pro’s and con’s of each.  When it’s time to consider your facilities next investment into XRF, we hope that you will let us discuss these ideas, and the analyzers that we can offer, with you.