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Three Key Benefits of X-Supreme8000

Oxford Instruments X-Supreme8000 has been a work-horse x-ray fluorescence analyzer in process control applications for years.  The systems overall design and reliability make it a strong option for various testing goals relating to petrochemical, mining, paper, mineral, chemicals, etc.  In fact, the system has been received with such great feedback from users and provides historically worry free operation that very little has been changed over the years.

In this blog article, Eastern Applied Research highlights three key benefits of the X-Supreme8000.  There are, however, many more – so contact us to discuss your process control needs and how the bulk analyzer may help meet them.

Ease of Operation
One of the universal benefits of Oxford Instruments x-ray fluorescence analyzers is their ease of use.  The XSupreme8000 is no different, with intuitive software that results in a short learning curve for operators to process sample materials with minimal questions after training.  When questions do arise, the XSupreme8000 includes a unique ‘bubble help’ function on many operational screens.  By simply touching a question mark, ‘bubbles’ with operational summaries will guide production staff that may not recall a step and detailed help is available through many of those ‘bubbles’.

Designed for Rugged Environments
Since the XSupreme8000 is used in a variety of environments and with samples that could potentially spill and create issues (oils, powders, pastes) the system was designed with a dust and solvent proof keypad.  If any spills occur, the system will be safe.  Additionally, the two-layer sample cup approach provides an extra layer of protection from the elements and the unique ‘wind tunnel design’ ensures minimal/no dust ingress into the main spectrometer.  All of this adds up to a protected system that should offer years of worry free operation.

Efficient Sample Handling
The XSupreme8000 features a turret stage that can hold up to ten samples at a time and will maximize an operators efficiency because they will simply set the measurement parameters, start the process and then handle other tasks during analysis.  More importantly, since homogeneity of samples will affect measurement results, the system has also been designed with a ‘sample spinner’ that spins the individual sample during measurement and provides optimum analysis of the entire sample instead of just a fraction of the material.

Again, depending on your exact testing goals, the X-Supreme8000 will offer a number of additional benefits.  Reach out to one of our Application Specialists to discuss your elemental analysis interests and how the X-Supreme8000 can benefit your operations.


Feature Focus: UV Touch Probe for Portable OES Systems

The recent release of the PMI Master Smart by Oxford Instruments made Optical Emission Spectroscopy more portable than ever before.  At only 33 lbs, it is the lightest OES system on the market and allows operators to have the highest efficiency in alloy analysis by being able to quickly move from sample to sample.  However, the size and overall design of the PMI Master Smart are not the only aspects that receive great feedback from its operators…the innovative UV Touch Probe offers several advantages over other probes and combines with the PMI Master Smart main unit to offer high efficiency, industry leading performance, and ease of use.

The three major benefits offered by Oxford Instruments UV Touch Probe are:

  1. Embedded Optical System in the Probe Head
    While other elements are handled by the main systems optics, critical light elements (includes C, S, and P) are analyzed by an Argon purged optical system located in the probe head.  This innovative approach eliminates any effects of cable length on their analysis and results in lower LOD’s on what are often very critical elements.  The high performance on light elements make the UV Touch Probe highly beneficial when separating L-grades or for determination of Nitrogen in duplex steels.
  1. User Interface is on the Probe
    The UV Touch Probe is the only OES probe on the market with the ability to operate the system through the probe head, which results in higher operational efficiencies.  A single operator can, for example, climb a scaffold to take a measurement then review the results and decide if additional measurements are needed just by working off the probe interface.  This eliminates having a second person standing at the main unit or climbing up and down to review results.  The interface provides access to more than just results though; it also provides access to the main operations of the spectrometer (changing grade libraries, editing sample names, etc).
  1. Overall Probe Design
    Even with the interface on the probe and optics inside, the UV Touch Probe has a very compact design.  The main portion (not handle) is listed as having dimensions of 11” x 4.7” x 3.5”.  Great care was taken in developing this compact probe with a ‘smart nose’ design that allows for easy access to difficult sample areas.  Plus, the detachable probe comes with optional cable lengths of 3m, 5m, or 10m (one length per probe).

It should be noted that the UV Touch Probe is also available with the PMI Master Pro system but this entry focuses on the latest (and lightest) release, the PMI Master Smart.  Additionally, users of either system can choose to purchase a basic arc or spark probe instead of the UV Touch Probe.

Additional information on the UV Touch Probe can be requested.  Eastern Applied associates can answer questions about the probe, portable OES for positive material identification, or can coordinate demonstrations as needed.