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XRF Feature Focus: Detector Shield on XMet8000 Handheld XRF

Punctured Detector

Handheld XRF is considered a critical tool for many scrap metal recyclers, allowing for the quick metal sorting of a variety of samples regardless of shape or size.  Those various metal samples can often include small, sharp objects that can potentially puncture the nose window and detector tube.  The detector tube is a critical component to achieve accurate measurements and a punctured tube would typically require a costly repair.

In recent years, manufacturers of handheld XRF analyzers realized punctured detector windows were a common problem and began offering different “detector shields” to limit damages.  These shields proved very useful and the latest evolution of the detector shield is found on Oxford Instruments XMet8000 system.  The evolution isn’t the shield as much as it is Oxford Instruments ‘quick swap’ design.  Some analyzers require removal of screws, etc to actually replace a detector shield (or regular window), but this takes time and can be an annoyance (think of dropping a small screw).  The ‘quick swap’ design of the XMet8000 lets users open the nose with a single finger release…they can quickly switch out the shield/window, close the nose, and return to taking measurements.

These detector shields are simple design adjustments that can help users avoid potentially large repair bills – while the XMet8000 quick swap design can help avoid potential headaches.  The benefit of the shields is certainly seen in the scrap yards but can be applicable in industrial settings that perform PMI on small components (screws, fasteners, etc).  Systems that come with the shield require slight variations in set-up/calibration so the shield does not affect overall performance.

Is your facility interested in metal identification of small components?  Contact Eastern Applied to learn more about the detector shield and quick swap windows or to coordinate an on-site demonstration.

The detector window is noted in the XMet8000 Video Introduction

XMet8000 Detector Shield with Quick Swap