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Have a Plan: Options When XRF is Critical to Your QC Process

Turn your XRF Analyzer off for an hour, a day, or a week.  Does it negatively affect your organizations production?  Do you need to hold up shipments or rely on the use of another facilities analyzer to meet your quality control requirements?

One of the most common uses of x-ray fluorescence is in the measurement of plating thickness for quality control purposes.  Looking at it from a plating companies role in the supply chain, accurately insuring the proper plating thickness can affect an organization in a number of ways – over-plating could mean wasted dollars and under-plating could result in final product problems, return of goods, etc.  XRF technology helps organizations insure they meet their target plating specifications and, with money and reputation on the line, a reliable XRF analyzer is considered a critical piece of quality control equipment to many of these organizations.

So what happens if your facilities XRF is not functional or performing how it should?

If your facility can’t be without XRF capabilities for more than a week, then a back-up system should be considered.  While this is easier said than done from a budgetary view, used XRF analyzers can offer a low-cost option that will allow your production to continue while any issues with the primary system are handled.  This approach can eliminate ‘expedited service rates’ and put you in a position to choose the most cost-efficient solution.

Eastern Applied Research is a unique organization in the world of x-ray fluorescence sales and service because of the fact that we provide both…sales of new and used XRF along with service of almost all brands.  Because of our approach, we can offer a number of options before problems occur with an XRF analyzer…hopefully, limiting down-time, expense, and headaches.

Options to consider before its too late:
–  Invest in a brand new system
if a single unit is in operation, the reliability of the latest technology will put you in the best long-term position.
–  Have an older, reconditioned, unit for back-up
when you can’t afford any downtime, a low cost back-up unit can keep your product moving
–  Have your XRF serviced on a regular basis
preventative maintenance can help extend the life of any x-ray fluorescence analyzer.
–  Consider an XRF Protection Plan
to help limit downtime and repair costs

If your organization only has one system in place and a problem occurs
–  Rent a unit for the downtime
–  Ask about ‘expedited service’ rates

We realize that all of these options depend on your organizations budget and how critical XRF is to your quality control process – but these options are all available through Eastern Applied Research, so reach out to our sales and service staff to discuss any of them…before it’s too late.