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Evolution of Handheld XRF: Oxford Instruments X-Met

First Portable XRFWe have learned a lot about the Oxford Instruments line of x-ray fluorescence equipment since becoming a distributor.  This includes learning about the evolution of the portable analyzer line, the X-Met series.  While many believe that portable material analyzers are a new development, the X-Met series has actually been available since 1976.  Since the first release, the X-Met line has constantly been evolving with innovative approaches to meet portable material analysis needs…each new release improving on at least one aspect of the previous versions application capabilities or analyzer design.

XRF Gun for Material IDOne of the more significant jumps in the technology was the 2002 release of the X-Met3000 series of handheld XRF.  This was the first version to offer a single unit, x-ray tube based, system.  The single unit design (often referred to as an XRF gun) made the technology more portable than ever before and it remains today…with some adjustments.  That version was followed by the X-Met5000 series and its more powerful x-ray tube and higher resolution detection system…extending the application reach to mining and RoHS testing while increasing its precision in material identification.

However, no version has highlighted Oxford Instruments focus on detail more than the most recent advance from the X-Met5000 series to the X-Met7000 series.  With feedback from clients that were satisfied with its measurement precision, Oxford Instruments developed a system that can perform with reliability while also offering a more streamlined operation.

Advancements made with the X-Met7000 series replacement of the X-Met5000:

  • An integrated software interface: eliminates potential problems caused by the previously detachable one
  • Faster start-up time, using a single button: replaced starting both the X-Met5000 device, then the PDA and then routing the PDA to the analyzer
  • Longer battery life: 6-8 hours for X-Met5000 vs 10-12 hours with X-Met7000
  • Easier charging system: charge just the battery of the X-Met7000 instead of charging both the PDA and battery of the previous model
  • Focus on device functionality: eliminated all the other X-Met5000 interface distraction (calendars, email, browsers, windows software, and more).
  • Improved report generation: seamlessly develop secure reports in half the time
  • Reports transfer: On the X-Met7000 series, reports can be downloaded by USB memory stick or direct to laptop in either PDF or CSV files.  The X-Met5000 only downloads report data after it is saved on the PDA SD card and in CSV format only.
  • X-Met7000 software is FAR more intuitive

Contact Eastern Applied Research and discuss the newest versions benefits over your current system or if you are new to Handheld XRF and would like to identify the best system for your testing needs.

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