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Increasing Profits in Scrap Metal Recycling

Eastern Applied Research has been working with more scrap metal recycling facilities since becoming a distributor of the Oxford Instruments line because scrap metal identification is a natural fit for the X-Met 7000 Handheld XRF analyzer.  The XRF guns are a critical tool to ‘scrappers’ as they can more reliably identify alloys and, when needed, quantify specific elements.

While clients with different applications realize the benefits of XRF in meeting regulations or improving quality control processes, the scrap metal application is one of the few where the return on investment can be seen in dollars and cents.  Some metal recycling facilities work with the volume that allows an investment in x-ray fluorescence to be a no-brainer.  However, many others will need to really see how soon the analyzers will show that return on investment.

Increased profits in scrap analysis with XRF can be seen in two different ways – one way is through accurate sorting of scrap metal so that higher valued alloys can be processed as such.  The second is through the X-Met 7000’s ability to precisely identify the specific content of high value metals within an alloy.  With this in mind, we developed two examples of how soon a portable XRF analyzer can ‘pay for itself’…once that happens the analyzer simply increases your profits.  Review the examples here.

Handheld XRF is popular with scrap metal recyclers for a reason…increased profits over the long-term.  Eastern Applied Research associates can help you see the potential return on investment that x-ray fluorescence will provide for your recycling facility.

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