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“Savvy Scrappers” Choosing New Handheld XRF for Scrap Metal Identification

Eastern Applied Research has been able to start working with some new applications and industries since adding Oxford Instruments handheld XRF analyzers to our product line-up.  One of the new markets that associates are working with is the scrap metal recycling industry.  Metal recyclers look to portable x-ray fluorescence for its positive material identification (PMI) capabilities; allowing them to quickly identify and sort a variety of metals.

Handheld XRF can be a great benefit to these organizations and the Oxford Instruments line provides excellent performance.  While the X-Met 7000 series offers a great PMI tool, the line is relatively new to the market and many ‘scrappers/recyclers’ are used to other XRF analyzer brands.  However, some ‘savvy scrappers’ are looking to improve efficiency with the newest XRF technology and realize the benefits that the X-Met 7000 series from Oxford Instruments provides…these metal recyclers have switched from the ‘known brand’ to Oxford Instruments.

One Eastern Applied associate recently talked to a scrap metal recycler that switched from another brand of handheld XRF to the Oxford Instruments analyzer.  The question was asked “What made you switch from (them) to the Oxford system?”  The contact referenced the interface that the X-Met 7000 series provides and that it was ‘easier to use day-in and day-out’.

When considering portable XRF for PMI testing needs, we would also point out that the X-Met 7000 series includes a large alloy library – with over 1,600 allows possible, making it the largest on the market.  Additional benefits of the line (for all application interests) include the large screen that makes operating an already easy-to-use software package even easier and the fact that Oxford manufactures their own components.  The component benefit is important for the quality control, pricing, and availability that is associated with using exclusive components.

Have you switched from another handheld XRF to the Oxford X-Met 7000 series?  We would love to hear why.  Or, are you considering the X-Met 7000 analyzers?  Contact an Eastern Applied Research associate to learn more about the line and benefits that it provides.