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It’s the end of the year as we know it…

As we always do during the last weeks of a year, Eastern Applied Research associates dedicate the last general meeting of the year to discussing the positives of the past year and consider the potential of the upcoming year.  In this years “final meeting”, we learned that we have much to look forward to in 2013 as we are poised to continue the growth of two analyzer lines while adding a Handheld XRF option to the instrument offerings.

Looking Forward: Handheld XRF Added
Oxford Handheld XRF AnalyzerAssociates at Eastern Applied Research are extremely excited about 2013 because of the recent announcement that we will be a distributor of Oxford Instruments handheld analyzers.  Our management team was looking for a top performing portable x-ray fluorescence option to represent at the same time Oxford was looking to add an experienced XRF sales organization in the North East…everything worked out and we are pleased to offer Handheld XRF analyzers.

This is a major addition to the analyzer options that we can offer because of the expanded application fields that we can provide a solution for.  Positive material identification (alloy testing) and environmental testing will be key applications moving into 2013 but handheld XRF also allows our associates to discuss portable solutions for current applications like the detection of hazardous substances (RoHS testing, etc).

Above everything else, we are excited because the line offers a number of benefits that set Oxford Handheld XRF apart and that, we believe, end-users will appreciate.

Looking Back: Great Growth from Bench-Top Analyzers
XRF for Coating Thickness MeasurementWhile the buzz at Eastern Applied is about the addition of a Handheld XRF analyzer, management was also pleased to highlight the overall growth achieved in 2012.  The year was highlighted by a strong increase in sales of both Xenemetrix and Element Xr lines.  We developed the Element Xr bench-top line because many of our clients looked to XRF for coating thickness measurement needs and the line offers an excellent price-to-performance ratio.  The Xenemetrix line was added to expand our offerings for elemental analysis and has seen steady growth into industrial and university laboratories as it builds a strong reputation of precision.

The potential of each line was seen this year, as clients saw the overall value and performance of the analyzers which lead to increased interest and new analyzer sales.  In addition to strong current systems, we look forward to releasing newly developed models from both lines in 2013.

Eastern Applied Research is excited about 2013 for many reasons…we hope you are as well and hope that you, and your organization, have a successful year.

Top Three Reasons Clients Choose Eastern Applied Research

As the end of 2012 draws near, Eastern Applied associates have been reviewing surveys sent to clients throughout the year.  These surveys play a role in maintaining our laboratory accreditation but are also critical as we set goals for the upcoming year…letting us know what we are doing right and where we can improve.

While our goal is 100% satisfaction, we are still pleased to note an overall satisfaction rating of 93% for in-house and field services.  It is important to know that our services are provided appropriately and that our staff is representing the organization well.

Why do clients choose Eastern Applied Research?
Top three reasons that current clients have chosen Eastern Applied Research for their XRF related interests.

Personal Service; we answer the phone
The goal of Eastern Applied Research is to combine the capabilities of large organizations with the one-on-one interaction of a smaller organization.  It is the personal touch that our clients appreciate…a person answering the phone, seeing the same technician at annual service visits, etc.

Experience and Knowledge
We are pleased to have a dedicated staff that offers a strong knowledge base developed from experience with XRF.  73% of our associates have over five years of experience in their area of x-ray fluorescence and an amazing 36% of all our associates have over twenty years.

Complete XRF Service and Support
Few organizations involved with x-ray fluorescence “do it all”.  Eastern Applied can support your XRF related needs from the initial investment by offering both new and used XRF analyzer sales and over the course of the instruments life with our North American XRF service staff and in-house standards laboratory (note that we do not outsource laboratory services and are Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025).

For those of you considering options for XRF sales, service, or support, take note that Eastern Applied offers a combination of the personal attention that many expect from a small/medium sized service company with the knowledge base and coverage of larger organizations.  Keep Eastern Applied in mind and let us know what is important to you – we will look forward to earning your business.