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Client Review of XRF for Coating Measurement Needs

We always appreciate feedback from our clients and some of this feedback can be reviewed at our testimonials page.  However, from time to time, we will highlight the feedback we receive and below we are highlighting a review of the Compact 5 XRF analyzer, which the client relies on for precise coating thickness measurements.

The reason this review is featured is because in developing the Element Xr analyzer line, Eastern Applied Research worked with the experienced XRF manufacturer Roentgenanalytik.  We looked to Roen’s most popular analyzer, the Compact 5, for inspiration in developing the Element Xr CE-P for thickness measurement needs.  Both of these analyzers provide the combination of precision and price that make them excellent values for quality control measurement needs.

Eastern Applied is pleased to offer the Roen Compact 5 as a used XRF analyzer whenever possible but would also suggest the Element CE-P to organizations looking for a dependable quality control device for their plating thickness processes.

XRF Testimonial from Rochester Overnight Plating:
“…Out of the numerous instruments in our operating facility, the Roentgenanalytik Compact 5 is our most used instrument.  In fact, we regularly perform sixty to seventy checks per day with (that XRF analyzer).  Furthermore, out of all the instruments that we utilize in our facility, the Compact 5 has given us the least amount of trouble, especially in regards to x-ray tube replacements and overall repairs.

Because of the above advantages, I would recommend the Roentgenanalytik Compact 5 to anyone who is interested in an affordable, accurate, and reliable x-ray fluorescence solution.

Mike Spaziano
Production Manager

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XRF Analyzer for Coating Thickness Measurements