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Major Damage to Your Xray Fluorescence Analyzer?

An earlier XRF-Blog entry highlighted what users of x-ray fluorescence can do to extend the life of their XRF analyzer.  The following entry focuses on the times that are out of the users control – when major damage occurs to a system.

A few examples of recent major damage issues that we’ve seen…

Hydrochloric Acid Spill – acid was sucked into the XRF analyzers fans, creating corrosion to the internal components and destroying the computer.  Our technical staff was able to clean the system, replacing the corroded boards and components in addition to the computer system (with updated software).

Multiple Units Repaired After Fire Damage – it was like “XRF Backdraft”…smoke, fire and water get on the systems (during the fire and the effort to put it out) and the systems required a thorough cleaning of the ash, completely revamping the interior of the machine and component replacement; but the customers still saved money when compared to investing in multiple new units.

Water Line Over the Analyzer Broke – water everywhere…essentially destroyed the electronics and power supplies.  After an extended dry time then a thorough cleaning and reparing of components/wiring, the analyzer worked well and saved the budget of our customer.


As you can see, in the many years that Eastern Applied Research has been providing support of XRF analyzers, our technical staff has seen some very tough spots for our clients and their x-ray units.  While we can offer the option of replacement analyzers, not all clients have the budget to consider that – especially after some of the issues that affect much more of a business than just the x-ray fluorescence unit.

Eastern Applied Research works for the clients and offers all the options possible to solve their problems.  Our in-house staff has worked some ‘miracles’ to limit the out-of-pocket while providing end-users with good working systems.

Hopefully, you don’t run into problems like the above…but, if you do, Eastern Applied will do our best to offer multiple options.  Of course, our technicians can do the minor repairs and adjustments you may require as well so keep us in mind for all questions relating to x-ray fluorescence.  Learn more about our repair and evaluation services or contact us to discuss your interests.