Newest Handheld XRF: XMet8000 by Oxford Instruments

The X-Met8000 is the latest generation of Handheld XRF technology from Oxford Instruments and it sets a new standard in portable x-ray fluorescence design and performance.  The team at Oxford Instruments surveyed users of all makes and models of Handheld XRF before designing this system for metals testing with a light element interest, RoHS testing, and more.  Based on that research, significant developments were made in both analyzer ergonomics and performance.

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Based on that user survey, Oxford Instruments realized that the ergonomics of handheld technology could be improved so users could use it all day, every day.  With that in mind, the X-Met8000 made some significant advancements, including:
     -  Smaller: 20% smaller while more powerful
     -  Lighter: only 3.3 lbs with the battery
     -  More Rugged: new detector shield
     -  IP54 Rating: dust/water proof
     -  Redesigned Nose: better for corners

Performance improvements come from a combination of redeveloped components and software.  A large area Silicon Drift Detector and 50kV X-Ray Tube have optimized geometry which results in enhanced performance across the periodic table but especially in light element analysis.  A new fundamental parameters calibration results in enhanced grading and chemistry accuracy accross the widest range of alloys while offering greater processing speed because of the optimized calibrations.  Additional software benefits are seen in the X-Met8000's ease of use:
     -  Simplified Calibration Selection
     -  Easy Light Element Switch
     -  Customized Results Screen

Oxford Instruments has been a leader in Handheld XRF technology for years and they kept a number of features that made previous models so popular.  Some of the benefits that were brought over to the X-Met8000 from the X-Met7000 series include:
     -  Largest Interface
     -  Touch Screen Operation
     -  Fastest Start-Up Time
     -  Longest Battery Life
     -  No Software Required
     -  Industry Leading Data Management and Report Capabilities

XRF Sales ConversationThis is just a summary of the benefits that the X-Met8000 by Oxford Instruments will provide for metals analysis.  Whether your interest is positive material identification or scrap metal recycling, contact Eastern Applied Research to discuss the details of your interests and how the X-Met8000 sets a new standard for alloy analysis.

While the X-Met8000 was originally released for metal testing needs (positive material identification and scrap metal verification), recent software releases have expanded the applications that it can be used for.  Applications solved now include the following:
     - Heavy Metal Screening (both RoHS for electronics and CPSIA for consumer goods)
     - Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC)
     - Coating Thickness Measurements
     - Catalytic Converter, scrap market interests
     - Precious Metal Assay

     -  New Detector Shield, limits costly damage to the detection system