Used XRF Analyzers: Limit Budget and Solve Testing Needs

Eastern Applied Research has been involved in x-ray fluorescence sales and service for over twenty (20) years.  Since the beginning, our associates have realized that new x-ray fluorescence may not always be in the budget for clients.  With the need for "high precision at a budget" in mind, we work to provide reconditioned analyzers whenever possible.

Benefits of considering Used XRF systems from Eastern Applied Research:
Confidence: associates do not approve systems for resale until they meet specific requirements

Experience: only technicians with over twenty years in XRF are allowed to prepare these systems

Reputation: we have built a reputation for offering reliable solutions and do our best to avoid problematic systems

Warranty: all used x-ray fluorescence analyzers come with a warranty to protect you, our client

Budget: second to performance, budget is a top requirement of many organizations and these systems meet most

Application Versatility: our staff has access to a wide range of analyzer brands to solve many testing needs
          Common Brands: Seiko XRF, CMI, Twin Cities (TCI), Xenemetrix, Veeco Analyzers, Fischerscope, etc
          Applications: coating thickness measurements, general laboratory analysis, precious metal assay

Because of the popular of used XRF analyzers, the list of available systems will change frequently.  Contact Eastern Applied Research sales associates to discuss your testing needs and all of the options that can be presented (within your budget).

Used XRF Analyzer Sales Information
Some Currently Available Analyzers Include:
Precious Metal Assay System: popular XRF for gold buy back interests

Three Highly Reliable Seiko XRF Units: SFT-3400, SFT-9300, SFT-9255 (popular and hard to find)

Efficient Roentgenanalytik Compact-5: for coating thickness measurements

Multiple Used Handheld XRF Analyzers: Innov-X / Olympus for RoHS screening

Seiko XRF Analyzers Sales   Element Xr Xray Fluorescence for Coating Thickness   Used Precious Metal Analyzer   Used Seiko XRF Analyzer SFT3200