Oxford Instruments Adds New LIBS Technology Configuration

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Oxford Instruments has announced the release of a new configuration for their revoluationary portable LIBS system, the mPulse.  The Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) technology will now be available in mPulse and mPulse+ packages.  Each analyzer will deliver the fastest alloy sorting on the market compared to any Handheld XRF analyzer or competitive handheld LIBS system.  Combined with true point-and-shoot analysis and unparalleled ease of use, the mPulse+ and mPulse are optimum tools for any scrap metal recycler or in any other metal identification application where high speed sorting is required.

The mPulse+ delivers the fastest Aluminum and Magnesium alloy sorting on the market, always just one second regardless of the specific alloy.  The "basic" mPulse system is designed to repidly sort heavier alloys such as stainless steels, low alloy and tool steels, Ni, Cu, Ti, etc.  Oxford Instruments is offering a variety of special offers to coincide with the release so contact Eastern Applied Research to discuss your testing goals, LIBS technology, and to coordinate a review of the mPulse by Oxford Instruments.

Alloy Analysis with Laster Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy mPulse+
- Fastest sorter on the market, sorts all common scrap yard alloys (includes Al and Mg alloys).
- Al and Mg alloys, stainless steels, low alloys and tool steels, Ni, Cu, Ti, Co alloys and more.
- Consider when also looking at SDD HH-XRF units, especially in light alloy sorting.
- Same measurement speeds as 'plus', fastest alloy sorting on market.
- All the same alloy identification capabilities with the exception of Al and Mg alloys.
- Note that it does analyze light elements (Be, Mg, Al, Si) in other alloy groups.
- Priced competitively with lower cost HH-XRF systems used in metal sorting.

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